Puma evoSPEED Soccer Shoes
*Drum roll…Puma have turned the heat up on the game. This big cat is rip-roaring and styling on a whole new level! Get into the Puma evoSPEED soccer cleats and take your game up several notches! SoccerPro is your evoSPEED authority, bringing you everything Puma as always. These all-leather kicks are a touch of class for you…soccer cleats for a special player. When you check out Sergio Aguero Jerseys and gear, you’ll find these cleats prominently displayed! Aguero did win his club the EPL title you know and he is part of the ‘murderers row’ of forwards who wear the evoSPEED shoes – others include Mario Gomez and Olivier Giroud! With the redesigned stud pattern, the kangaroo leather, and all the awesomeness therein…don’t get caught sleeping. Grab your pair from SoccerPro today!

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evoSPEED SL Touches Down as Lightest Ever Puma Boot
Puma have created the lightest mass produced soccer cleat available on the market today. Puma have created a cleat that is so light, it feels like you are wearing nothing at all. The super light soleplate features an odd heel set up with one conical stud and two larger bladed studs to have some support but also to keep the weight down on the boot. The ultra thin upper allows the player to feel that ball about as close as you can while wearing cleats. The boots are only designed to last up to 10 matches and even comes with a warning “The evoSPEED SL is not for training days. It’s for your best days. Your match days. It may only be used on real grass. Due to its extremely lightweight design, it’s expected to last up to 10 games. But the moments it creates will last forever.” If you decide to pull on the super light boot from Puma, make sure it is for your biggest matches and the most important moments in your playing career to make sure you have the extra step on your opponent…
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