Umbro have been rolling out some hot releases this year. But this time, they rolled out some cool blue colorways for all of their silos. Umbro have really stepped up their game this year by offering a lot of options for all three of their main silos. Today we take a look at the new color ways.

Blue Umbro Velocita

The Velocita received two new colorways on the same day. The Velocita is the new speed boot from Umbro that has a lot of people talking. It features a Microfiber upper and weighs only 165 grams! That’s really light! The first colorway that the Velocita was released in was the new white/nasturtium/orange pop. The two different shades of Orange on the boot give it a subtle look but also make it pop when on feet. I personally think the orange makes it pop and really gives that Fire feel to the boots. Now Umbro seem to have taken “Fire and Ice” to the boot game with the release of the Blue Atoll/White/Black color way, along side the White and Orange Color way. So the choice is simple, Fire? Or Ice?

Umbro Velocita

The Speciali 4, Umbro’s heritage silo, received the same Atoll Blue color as the base for the boot with some white accents on it. I think this could be a winner for Umbro as the boot looks fantastic in this colorway. The Umbro Speciali 4 is a boot that truly defines the term classic. The Speciali series features a super soft K-Leather upper that offers superb touch and comfort. Umbro have put their revolutionary “A” frame on the mid foot to really lock your foot into the boot.  The Speciali looks good just about any way you dress it up, but this colorway really does it for me and is my favorite of the Speciali yet.

Blue Umbro Speciali 4

Last but certainly not least, The UX-1 received a new Dark Navy/White/ Blue Atoll color way. The Armor-tex upper is completely Dark Navy and the Shooting elements found on the boot are in the Blue Atoll color way found on all of the new releases. The only White found on the boot is the Umbro logo. I personally think this color way is alright. It is not the best of the revolutionary boot, but it certainly isn’t the worst either.

Black and blue Umbro UX-1

Needless to say, if you are a fan of blue boots, then the latest releases from Umbro are for you. Umbro have released lots of new colorways this year alone for all of their silos. As a boot fan, I love seeing Umbro release new color options all of the time so that more people may be willing to give them a chance. In this “Fire and Ice” release, I think Umbro will win over some new customers.

What do you all think of the new color ways? Let me know in the comments section below.


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