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  • Nike CR7 Superfly Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Chapter 5: Cut to Brilliance

    Cristiano Ronaldo's discovery may have resulted in him being forged for greatness but it's really the savage beauty of his creation that allowed this natural diamond to be cut to brilliance in Madrid.

    Nike's diamond-inspired design for the CR7 Chapter 5 boot is displayed holistically throughout the boot. The white base sparkles under light while the upper has a multi-colored knit that's representative of the spectrum of light a diamond refracts.. plus it looks cool. The heel counter displays imagery of a diamond from the top down & is accompanied by the date of CR7's debut in Madrid. Nike's chosen design theme is indicative of CR7's brilliant display of skill at Real Madrid. Did you know CR7's the first player to score against every team in La Liga in one season? Did you also know that he's managed to become the fastest player to reach La Liga career goal milestones: 50, 150, 200, & 250? Not too shabby!

  • Nike CR7 Superfly Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Chapter 4: Forged for Greatness

    In sports, an individual performance can be enough to get you discovered but the true test comes in how you perform when your feet are metaphorically and occasionally literally held to the fire. After landing in Manchester, England Sir Alex Ferguson made it clear to Cristiano Ronaldo that there were some extraordinary boots to fill. Being well aware of the fabled lore of Ronaldo's fiery birth, Sir Alex Ferguson requested he take #7. In return, Ferguson agreed to be a blacksmith-in-coach and to always hold Ronaldo's feet to the fire. Game after game and year over year his feet were consistently held to the fire in an attempt to mold Ronaldo into perfection whilst forging him for greatness. During Ronaldo's tenure with the Red Devils, Ferguson consistently balanced fuel, air, and fire in an attempt to chisel the future legend into the world's best player. By 2008 Ronaldo had earned the world's best player award and as well as three consecutive league titles.

    Nike drew their inspiration for CR7 Chapter 4 from Ronaldo's career with Manchester United. It began with a number change from 28 to 7 and ended with being honored as the world's best player. Nike pays homage to these events and this time in Ronaldo's career throughout the design of the boot. The overall design is said to be "a nod to hot iron being forged into shape." Further, the CR7 logo displays a 7 that is contrasted by a tonal CR lettering that is said "to highlight his shift to the number seven shirt during these years." Finally, the heel counter contains both Roman numerals for 7 and 28, "with the VII of the XVIII highlighted to reference the emergence of seven from 28." Chapter 4 shows that it's not enough to be discovered as a "diamante bruto" or i.e. a diamond in the rough. Rather, it's how you allow the intense heat and pressure mold you into something that can be forged for greatness.

  • Nike CR7 Superfly Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Chapter 3: Discovery

    In life the truly momentous occasions are incredibly rare slivers of time. These slivers are almost never recognized for what they are until they've been relegated to the past tense. They're unique in that they contain an astonishing level of untapped potential within a small section of time. It takes a particular type of person to be aware of the momentous occasion while they're in the moment. It takes greatness to do the former while being able to tap into and feed off of the moment. It's this type of person that draws energy and strength from the extreme pressures imposed by fate-creating possibilities. It's this person that imposes their will and leverages their training and preparation to rise to the occasion. For Cristiano Ronaldo, all of his training and preparation resulted in a 90 minute performance that was ultimately heard throughout the football world.

    His performance created a sizeable ripple in the flow of modern football's historic timeline. The effects of which are still being felt to this day.

    That day was the inaugural match at Estádio José Alvalade where Sporting Club Portugal defeated Manchester United 3-1. Little did Sir Alex Ferguson know, his nightly prayers to the football gods after David Beckham's departure were soon to be answered. His answer came in the form of an 18 year old Portuguese prodigy.

    That August 6,2003 performance is what proved to be the inspiration behind Nike's Ch. 3 edition of the CR7 collection. Titled simply, "Discovery" the colors of the shoes and apparel draw their inspiration from Sporting CP's colors i.e. the colors CR7 wore when he was discovered... (Technically he was CR28 at the time). Fortunately for him and Nike, the previous #7, David Beckham transferred to Real Madrid just 45 days prior which freed up the #7... 28 Chapters would be a bit much. However, shortly after this 2003 discovery, Ronaldo signed with Nike and in the years since has graced more than 60 different Nike Mercurial boots with his fiery hot, magma feet.

  • Nike CR7 Superfly Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Chapter 2: Natural Diamond

    Diamonds form only when a combination of extremely high temperatures and pressures are present. It's widely believed that the diamonds in all of Earth's deposits were formed in the mantle and delivered to the surface by volcanic eruptions. Witnesses of Ronaldo's birth claim that when the Gods of Football touched his fiery hot, magma feet that they did so with such immeasurable force that it began to rain diamonds from the sky...

    The Nike story explains how these boots emulate how Ronaldo has forged his game through hard work over the years. According to Nike, this is the first ever textured boot they've manufactured. The heel is designed to appear rough and rocky in order to represent the early years in Ronaldo's life. Analogous with Ronaldo's journey and development, the boot transitions from rough and rocky to the forefoot where it smoothens out. This also hits to the fabled lore of Ronaldo's fiery birth. The name Nike chose not only acknowledges his natural abilities but also how he crafted his game under extreme pressure, no thanks to the Football Gods, that is. They further highlight and give credence to the diamond lore by making the swoosh and CR7 logo visibly sparkly, like a diamond. The diamond placement of the CR7 logo represents what locals refer to as "diamante bruto," or "rough diamond," i.e. "a diamond in the rough." This is said to reference Ronaldo's fiery birth and highly pressurized creation. And, without question, Cristiano Ronaldo is brilliant when under extreme pressure.

  • Nike CR7 Superfly Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Chapter 1: Savage Beauty

    Once upon a time, on an archipelago far, far away, a future football legend was forged in the fiery hot magma chambers in the shield volcano of Madeira. Legend has it he is half lava, half beast. This man would one day seep through the cracks in the mantle, slowly building intense pressure before one day thunderously erupting skyward in a fiery blaze of blinding glory. Legend also has it and witnesses claim that before descending back to earth, his feet were touched by the Gods of Football and was allowed to grace us mere mortals with his awe inspiring football glory... And so begins the epic saga of the footballer legend, Cristiano Ronaldo and the boots that make the man a legend.

    Nike claims that these are one of the most intricately designed shoes they have ever made. Lava-inspired, these boots contain a six color graphic that flows from the toe to heel. These boots are said to be representative of Madeira; the volcanic Portuguese island where Ronaldo was born.

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    • ReviewsGreat! As Usual

      Alex Lee, Kamuela, HI
      Nike Mercurial CR7 Superfly FG Soccer Cleats - Black & Total Crimson
      I have been using superfly for about 8 months, and it was great! People say that their sole plate broke, shoelaces are easily cut, or the dynamic fit collar just rips off, but I never had those problems! Definitely recommended, and this colour is also dope! One problem would be during break in time, u might get some blisters on your heels, but the boot wil pay you off by its sock-like feel and awesomeness!

    • ReviewsMy son is LOVING these!

      Heidi, Farmington, MO
      Nike Mercurial Superfly FG Soccer Cleats - Electric Green
      I can't tell you how pleased my son is with these cleats! He's been playing for nearly 11 years and these by far are the best cleats he says he's ever used. And SoccerPro is amazing! We ordered these on Thursday with free, economy shipping (8-10 days), but got them two days later on a Saturday with his first game of the season scheduled for Monday. Talk about one happy teenage boy!!

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    • Frequently Asked

      • Q: Are your cleats real?
        A: Yes. All of our footwear is legit and come fresh from manufacturers.
      • Does Cristiano Ronaldo really wear these?
        A: Yes. Cristiano Ronaldo rocks the Mercurial Superfly's and I must admit; we're pretty partial of them ourselves.
      • Q: Do these cleats fit true to size?
        A: Yes. There's no need to adjust your normal footwear size.
      • Q: How much does the Nike Mercurial Superfly weigh?
        A: A US size 9 registers 7.05 oz on our scale.. Which is 0.43 lbs.. Sooo very light!


Tech Specs


      The new NIKE 3D speed plate is exceptionally lightweight and fits your foot naturally which enables explosive speed. The Superfly's stud system has been revamped to aid in acceleration while providing advanced traction. The anatomical soleplate is aligned with the natural contours of the foot, eliminating the gap that previously existed underfoot and making it that much more personal and comfy.. And we like comfy.

    • TOUCH

      Nike's Flyknit "speed rib" is a 3D texture that promotes friction between the upper and ball and enhances high velocity touch in all conditions and at all speeds. The Micro-textured knit upper has the famous NIKESKIN technology that provides a barefoot feel.. And we like a barefoot feel.

    • FIT

      The Superfly V is equipped with a dynamic fit collar and is designed to provide a secured locked-down fit and unparalleled feel at top speeds. The one-piece, tongueless construction of the Flyknit upper combines with the Nike grip system to further provide a seamless and snug fit while the contoured sockliner provides low-profile cushioning.. And we like the unmatched cushioning. If you're a speed-boot person we presume you will too.



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    Nike Mercurial CR7 – Chapter 1: Savage Beauty

    I can't think of more apt description of Cristiano Ronaldo's play than "savage beauty". The thundering runs, the towering athleticism, the violent stepovers — all of it is gorgeous to watch, but in a ferocious, brutal, and devastating manner. It's similar to witnessing an avalanche or a tsunami or a volcanic eruption [ Read more... ]

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    Nike Mercurial CR7 — Chapter 2: Natural Diamond

    Nike has released something rather unexpected today with their latest edition of a CR7 colorway. The brand new ‘Natural Diamond’ Nike CR7 Superfly is the next Chapter, Chapter 2 in fact, of Ronaldo’s journey to success. Each chapter will release a new boot and line of gear that embodies that part of his career [ Read more... ]

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    Nike Mercurial CR7 – Chapter 3: Discovery

    He didn’t score, but then again he didn’t need to. You just had to see him on the ball once to realize this was a future mega-star. On August 6th, 2003, Sporting Lisbon opened their pristine new stadium, the Estádio José Alvalade, with a friendly against world-famous Manchester United. [ Read more... ]