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Soccer Shin Guards

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Soccer Shin Guards including NOCSAE Approved Shin Guards

High School players, be sure to look for NOCSAE Approved soccer shin guards. Make sure you have a soccer sock to cover the guard. Protect your shins and ankles from serious damage…get the best shin guards from SoccerPro now, including the awesome Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guards, and topnotch guards from adidas and more! We also have Guard Stays, Guard Locks, Guard Sleeves, and everything else you need to ensure you body stays intact while you play the game!

Shin Guards: What’s the Point?
We understand shin guards don’t move the needle. Not many players actually like to wear them. But, they do serve a legitimate function and the latest in shin guard technology is making them more intriguing than ever. No longer do you have to slap a piece of plastic on your leg, because Nike, adidas, and Puma are innovating with new materials and styles on their latest shin guards. In the first post of a four-part series called “Shin Guardz 101”, we dive into why your guards need to be NOCSAE-approved, what kind of protection shin guards provide, and the different types available to you. Check it out on our blog, The Instep. [read the full article!]