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Arsene Wenger’s men were the side who made England love champagne football way before Tiki Taka etc made its way to England. The Gunners are the purveyors of rampaging football and the enthusiasm of fans of the London team is always a joy to see. Unai Emery has continued the tradition of a strong and beautiful Arsenal.

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Arsenal Soccer Jerseys and Other Gunner Gear

You’re looking for your Arsenal jersey for sure but did you know this stuff? Here’s some shooting ‘Gunners’ info for you… Did you know Arsenal FC was founded in 1886 as Dial Square by members of the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, London! It was then renamed Royal Arsenal before becoming Woolwich Arsenal in 1893 then finally Arsenal in 1914!

Did you know the Arsenal motto is Victoria Concordia Crescit which means Victory comes from Harmony…

Did you know Arsenal supporters are called ‘Gooners’ which is derived from the team’s nickname ‘The Gunners’!

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The Invincibles

An undefeated season, the Premier League trophy, and a 49-match unbeaten streak stretching across two years. They’re called “The Invincibles” and it’s highly improbable anyone will ever do what they did again. [ Read more… ]