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This Dutchy is said to be the next Sergio Busquets, his teammate at FC Barcelona. Frenkie’s ball control and amazing balance has led him to be one of the best midfielders in the world. His demanding defense and stellar passing makes him the perfect anchor as a center defense mid. He’s not limited to just that though. Frenkie can create chances and find an assist like no other from an attacking position. If you want to be as dominant as Frenkie de Jong, be sure to grab his FC Barcelona jersey here at SoccerPro. We also have his Netherlands jersey as well as the Mercurial Vapors he sports.

Frenkie de Jong

He may be young but he is absolutely fabulous. The Dutch midfielder is the most imaginative midfielder in the world today. From deep in the bowels of center field, he controls the game on the defensive and offensive ends. Strong, unflappable, perfect. Frenkie has quickly become one of the truly popular players in world soccer which is why his Barcelona Jersey is the most popular Dutch jersey around. Of course, we have his Holland shirts and gear here as well as those sharp Nike Mercurial Vapor shoes he wears.