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Nike Shin Guards

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Nike Mercurial Lite Shinguards And More

Find the shin guards that the professionals trust at The Nike Mercurial Flylite shin guard is an awesome example of a shinguard that the top pro’s around the world wear. Nike strives for comfort and style when they create each shin guard, so players at any level can have professional comfort and protection. Get your next pair of Nike shin guards at and save.

Shin Guardz 101: Nike

Nike’s products almost literally ooze with class and ingenuity. This, of course, extends to their shin guard collection. With high-end options, like the unbelievably strong Mercurial Blade, and more affordable guards, such as the Protegga Shield, the Swoosh have you covered, literally.

Nike’s “lightest and strongest” shin guard is the Mercurial Flylite (pictured above). This one features a waffle pattern to allow ample air flow to keep your legs cool and it comes with Dri-FIT compression sleeves to wick away sweat and rain alike. For the full rundown on Nike shin guards, check out our blog, The Instep. [read the full article!]