Gabriel Martinelli Jerseys

Martinelli is climbing the ranks as one of the top players at Arsenal. One of the team’s biggest offensive threats, the young Brazilian winger has proven he’s one of the top players to watch this season. Shop all the Martinelli essentials with an Arsenal Jersey or Brazil jersey today!

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Gabriel Martinelli

He’s taken the football world by storm and is showing no signs of slowing down. The Brazilian teenager is proving to the world that age is just a number at Arsenal and showing signs of football superstardom very early in his career. The 21 year old winger is known for his quick speed and undeniable creativity that most players his age don’t possess. Martinelli is also extremely disciplined both on and off the ball making him the total package.

While Martinelli is young he is still making a statement for Premier League side Arsenal. After making his move to the club as a teenager, he has certainly impressed the club and its fans with his remarkable technical skills. He’s scored numerous goals and matched them with assists as remarkable as his playing style.

Martinelli’s role on the pitch at Arsenal has helped him garner the attention of the Brazil National team, earning some appearances for the illustrious side. The biggest question for the Brazilian international is whether he can solidify his position with the squad and not let the pressure get to his head.

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