2022/23 adidas Bukayo Saka Arsenal Home Authentic Jersey

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Bukayo Saka Arsenal Authentic Home Jersey 22/23

Bukayo Saka is often considered one of the best young football players in the world, and this season he’s ready to take the midfield by storm. Support him with an Authentic 22/23 Arsenal Home Jersey. Saka has been well respected and known for his creativity out on the field. He’s young and passionate, two things the Arsenal Club has appreciated at the highest level. Bukayo Saka was awarded Arsenal’s Player of the Season in 2021-2022. Saka has a lot of ball left in him, and fans of Arsenal and the game of soccer are excited to see his growth over the next several years.

Inspired by several of the best retro jerseys of all time, adidas and Arsenal created a classic polo styled red jersey. On the collar of the jersey you’ll notice a tribute to the vintage vibe within a zig-zag pattern. This authentic jersey includes adidas’s AEROREADY technology, which is the exactly the same tech that the pros wear on the field. It leaves you feeling dry, cool and ready to play the game we all love.

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