adidas ACE Trans Ultimate Goalkeeper Gloves – White/Blue

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adidas ACE Trans Ultimate Goalie Gloves

adidas ACE Trans Ultimate Goalie Gloves
When you think of the best goalkeeper gloves in the game, you think of the adidas ACE Trans Ultimate Goalie Gloves! From top to bottom these gloves are loaded with the latest and greatest technical features that adidas has to offer. You will feeling like a brick wall in between the pipes. Well maybe not feeling like a brick wall, but definitely playing like one!

These gloves are the real deal people.  The white and blue coloring look fantastic!  The technology used for these gloves takes things to the next level.  The Evo Zone Tech engineered palm will provide you with a comfortable fit, the FINGERSAVE technology will keep your fingers save, and the removable wrist will stabilize your wrist and keep you safe while you make incredible saves!  This glove is ready for action!  Order yours today!

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Evo Zone Tech engineered palm for a comfortable fit

FINGERSAVE® spines stiffen and resist pressure when pushed backward for more effective ball deflection; All spines are separately exchangeable

Specifically engineered zones on gloves designed to help maximize performance

Specially cut for maximized contact area in all catching motions

Removable wrist element stabilizes and supports the wrist in catching and diving motions; Close-fitting bandage with no restrictive seams for perfect fit

68% latex / 32% elastane foam


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