adidas Messi 10 Lesto Shinguards – White/Blue

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adidas Messi 10 Lesto Shinguard

adidas Messi 10 Lesto Shinguard
There is so much to love about these shinguards but one thing that may stand out from the beginning is the fact that Messi's name is in the title. Anything associated with Messi must be brilliance. The adidas Messi 10 Lesto Shinguard are some of the coolest shinguards on the market!  They will provide you with excellent protection while also keeping you nice and comfy while you dominate out on the pitch.  

These guards will get the job done and then some.  One of our favorite qualities of these guards is the price tag.  You just can't beat that.  The value you get is incredible too!  For example of EVA backing of these guards will provide you with supreme comfort while the flexible hard shield will provide you protection.  These guards are a no-brainer.  Go ahead and order yours today!

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Flexible Hard Shield: Good compromise between protection and comfort

EVA Backing: For high comfort and durable cushioning
Soft Synthetic Lining: High comfort
100% polypropylene, injection molded

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