adidas Nemeziz 19+ FG – Hard Wired

Part # F34403 by adidas

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adidas Nemeziz 19+ Shock Pink

This is the first boot we've seen in the last year or so that has dropped our jaw straight to the ground. This colorway looks OUTSTANDING. They pop like nothing else, they eat up the scenery, they elicit passion. These are just really the bizniz. All of this without even considering the greatness and technical quality of the Nemeziz 19+. This boot is all business, 100% brimstone and fire.

The adidas Nemeziz 19+ isn't just a cleat. It's a commitment that skills should be about wins, not likes. If you'd take celebrity over silverware, get out of here. But if you're ready to rip up the field to carry your team to victory, read on. The stretchy upper on these laceless soccer cleats is weaved using different widths and tensions of tape to match your foot shape. The result is a lockdown fit that provides stability and a direct touch. A split outsole flexes with every twist and turn.

These boots are the type of stuff that you remember when you first saw them. Buy them right now.

Laceless construction
Textile upper; Tension Tape for a personalized fit
Split Torsion outsole for optimal flexibility; Agility stud configuration


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