adidas Predator League Goalkeeper Gloves – Own Your Football Pack

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Own Your Football Pack adidas Predator League Goalkeeper Gloves

Ready to take your talents up  a notch this season? These adidas goalkeeper gloves from the Own Your Football pack brings style and confidence to your game unlike ever before. Destined to bring the best parts of your game to center stage in every single match. These Predator League goalkeeper gloves use style and high powered engineering to bring you more confidence and style than ever before. A black base ensures that the details of the gloves stand out and your game look more impressive than ever before. Details in Team Shock Pink and white offer a look that is more undeniable and confident making sure you play like a superstar this season. Superstar saves have never been easier and more comfortable than with these high powered goalkeeper gloves! Throughout these adidas Predator League Goalkeeper gloves takes every part of your game up a notch this season. The palm of the gloves feature a cushioned soft grip Latex foam that improves your grip in the gloves as well as durability. A negative cut glove ensures that you have more comfort and stability in your gloves than ever before. On the backhand of the gloves is a flexible silicone zone skin coating that gives you enhanced grip and power in the gloves. A full-wrap wrist strap locks your hand down in the glove and keeps you ready for anything the game may throw your way.

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