adidas X 19+ FG – Encryption Pack

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X 19+ Firm Ground Cleats

There is a phenomenon known as 'pluralistic ignorance'. Basically, it's when people follow the crowd without thinking for themselves. When people are not willing to risk individual thought and follow groupthink. It's when the group is doing something dumb and everyone knows it but they don't say anything because they think everyone else agrees with the group's actions. It's herd mentality. It's dumb. It's our explanation of why the adidas X soccer cleats are not far and away the most popular boots in the world.People are exhibiting pluralistic ignorance. If that wasn't the case, these boots would be far.

X isn't just a cleat. It's a recognition that speed should pry open defenses, not dart down blind alleys. If you can't lead the charge with your lightning pace, jog on. But if you're ready to push past your limits, keep reading. These laceless soccer cleats have a super-thin, semi-translucent upper for a minimal feel, responsive touch and lightning pace. A low-cut collar and molded heel combine to keep you stable during explosive moves.

Shift the groupthink. Decrypt the code. Grab the Encryption pack adidas X 19+ FG soccer cleats today from SoccerPro. Be unique and awesome!

Laceless construction

Ultralight X-layskin upper; Low-cut Clawcollar

Ultralight Speedframe outsole

3D molded heel


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