adidas X Crazyfast.3 FG – Pearlized

Part # GY7430 by adidas

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Pearlized Pack adidas Laceless X Crazyfast.3 Firm Ground Cleats

Gear up and get ready to unleash game changing speed on the pitch this season when you lace up a pair of adidas X Soccer Cleats from the Pearlized Pack. These adidas X Crazyfast boots from the Pearlized Pack work hard to bring you the same style and skill that the game’s biggest stars are sporting on the pitch this season. Throughout these game changing  boots we get a unique style that will make sure to turn heads and change the game all season long. A completely white base works throughout the entirety of the boots for a canvas that lets you easily tell your football story and dominate every pitch you hit this season. A pearlized finish on the boots adds that extra piece of style and class to your boots making sure you turn heads and take names all season long.

Speed and dominance starts with the most powerful adidas soccer cleats to ever hit the pitch. The X Crazyfast brings you enhanced speed that will turn your game into the nightmares of your opponents. A 3D circular knit collar locks your foot down into the boots with a more stretchy and comfortable feeling that is perfected for the game’s top athletes. These boots use a multi-layered construction works hard to reinforce the stability of the boots in the parts of the game while enhancing your comfort for action at the toughest moments of the season. Sitting on the outsole of the boots is an enhanced traction pattern using a generative stud design and additional forefoot studs. This enhanced sole plate design is perfect for high-speed performance, meaning nothing will slow you down all season long.


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