Kids Puma Ultra Play TT – Fearless Pack

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Fearless Pack PUMA Ultra Play TT Turf Soccer Shoes

Tell your opponents see you later in the latest PUMA Ultra Soccer Shoes! Designed to give you that bold look and undeniable flare, you'll be ready to lace up and take on you opponents this season. The Fearless Pack is one of the most iconic boot packs hitting the pitch this season, with a new look that's turning heads and making you the star of the show. The base of these boots is designed with a Fiery Coral upper that gives speed and power a whole new look this season. On top of the bold new base are arrow graphics in a Fizzy Light color adding a pop of color throughout the already bold design of these boots. Paired with these iconic graphics are black details that sit on the upper, work to give you the most subtle yet iconic look to date. Now that you have he sweetest looking boots, you can hit the pitch just like some of the world most iconic players this season. Whether you're looking to up your game or unlock relentless speed, these PUMA soccer shoes are the perfect boots for you. Engineered with the most highly durable and lightweight technology, these boots will give you that look and feeling of speed with ease this season. Designed with a synthetic upper, these boots will give you the key to a pristine touch and effortless speed, even in the toughest moments of the season. A low-profile multi-studded rubber outsole finds itself on these sweet new boots from the Fearless Pack, which are perfect for hard natural surfaces and artificial turf surfaces. Unlock the secret to speed and power with these new PUMA boots today!  

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