Nike 10R Lunar Legend 7 Elite IC

Part # CD3195 170 by Nike

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Nike Lunar Legend 7 Elite IC - 10R - White/Gold

Bob Marley once sang about who Jah bless, no one curse and that's the story of Ronaldinho. He is the one who was touched by the gods of football. The man who brightens up every field, delights every child, charms every opponent, wins all hearts. He was a great player and it's no surprise that everything with his name continues to be in high demand. This Nike Lunar Legend 7 Elite Ronaldinho edition indoor soccer shoe is one you must buy because it's brilliant, it's beautiful, and it's thoroughly Ronaldinho.

With its calfskin, retro looks, beautiful colors and perfect construction, it is a technical dream. Quilted calf leather on the toe allows for a perfect touch. Pair that with the Lunarlon cushioning, and you have one of the best Nike Tiempo shoes ever. Buy it today.

UPPER: A modern foam xray through calfskin leather for fantastic touch and comfort.

MIDSOLE: Lunarlon midsole for light low responsive cushioning.

OUTSOLE: Rubber outsole with a modern herringbone traction specific for court surfaces.

PROFILE: Performance level calfskin leather and elastic fit tongue for soft touch and great fit for the small sided game.


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