Nike CR7 Mercurial Lite Shin Guards – NOCSAE

Part # DV3093 910 by Nike

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NOCSAE CR7 Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guards

Grab all the essentials to play like Cristiano Ronaldo this season! Channelling your inner football super star just got that much easier with these all new shin guards. Designed with the new color way and look of the CR7 collection, you'll be hitting the pitch in the best and most iconic shin guards in the game. Just because your opponents can't see your shin guards doesn't mean you shouldn't gear up with the most iconic designed guards in the game. Designed with a white base and Concord graphic, these shin guards will have you feeling and looking like a pro. Pairing perfectly with the look are metallic copper details that give you that championship feeling so you can dominate the pitch all season long. If you want to be the most legendary player you need the most legendary gear. These Nike shin guards are designed to shield your lower legs so you can play the game without any hesitations. A high quality low-profile design ensures that your lower legs are totally covered for even the most nasty collisions in the game. To give you a more dynamic feeling these shin guards are designed with a super lightweight foam that braces you for impact with every single wear. A durable hard shell shields you from impact so you can absorb impact and take off down the pitch with ease. These shin guards are NOCSAE approved so you can wear them in any competition and be ready for soccer greatness. Don't let clunky shin guards slow you down any longer, take off with rapid speed in the most high tech guards in the game. Pair your new shin guards with the latest Nike Soccer Shoes and dominate the pitch this season!

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