PUMA Invicto Fresh Sala – Blue Heaven/Orange Pop

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Puma Invicto Fresh Sala
Puma Invicto Fresh Sala IC Soccer Shoes

Puma Invicto Fresh Sala IC - Blue Heaven

Indoor is different from outdoor in many ways. Everything is much more focused. With less space you must keep the ball closer and you will be cutting back and forth more often. The Puma Invicto Fresh Sala IC Soccer Shoes were designed for this different style of game. These shoes will help you accelerate and get a grip on any indoor surface. By the time you break these in you will be accelerating like American Pharaoh at the Derby!

These shoes have everything you could want from an indoor shoe.  They are lightweight without sacrificing any comfort.  The design on these shoes is our traditional puma shoe but the material used to create these shoes is unique.  The coated "fresh" mesh upper area will allow your foot to breathe and thus you will not overheat and you can stay fresh.  These are just some of the awesome features that make this shoe so great!  Purchase your pair today and see for yourself how awesome these shoes truly are!

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BREATHABILITY: Coated “Fresh” mesh upper allows heat to get out and stops moisture from getting in

COMFORT: Lightweight removable sockliner provides cushioning

GRIP: Low-profile rubber outsole is close to the ground for excellent grip

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