Reusch Re-Invigorate Glove Wash & Re:Grip Rejuvenator Combo

Part # 3590200 by Reusch

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Reusch RE:Invigorate and RE:Grip

For all of you goalkeeping fanatics out there, now you have the chance to get your glove wash and re-grip all in one package. You will get both the Reusch RE:Invigorate and RE:Grip, making this an awesome combination. No worries over finding both separately, as we have both together. Grab yourself this awesome stuff today!

The RE:Invigorate is a glove wash to help clean your gloves after a tough training session or match. The RE:Grip helps to restore the palm of your gloves to stop the ball when needed. The package even includes an informational card that will instruct you on how to apply and use the products for maximum efficiency.

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