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New Balance Visaro Soccer Shoes

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New Balance Visaro Soccer CleatsThe long awaited New Balance Visaro Soccer Cleats are as awesome as we all hoped and felt they’d be. These shoes are the consummate weapon for that power player (midfield maybe?) like Aaron Ramsey who thrives on horizontal cuts and wants to make quick decisions always. The stability and and rotational agility offered by these shoes have made them a fave around these parts and you’ll love them too just like Ramsey, Samir Nasri, Vincent Kompany, Marouane Fellaini and others do! Get it now!

New Balance Visaro Review
New Balance exploded back into the soccer spotlight with their clever hype videos and ads online this summer and introduced the Visaro Pro as well as the Furon. Grabbing players like Samir Nasri, Vincent Kompany, and Aaron Ramsey to headline the control line, the boot grabbed attention right out of the gate.

The thin mesh upper gives the player a 360-degree touch to really control the ball. The upper will sit right on top of your foot to give that nice close-to-the-ball feel. A sweet spot is added to give you that extra bit of grip to curve the ball for a clean shot to the upper 90 or a nice curling through ball to the striker. The new super flex soleplate offers superior traction to aid you when you take off to chase down a loose ball. Comfort won’t be an issue in the Visaro with the Fresh Foam insole. Have wider feet? No worries! New Balance decided to give the Visaro Pro a wide option as well to give more players the chance to Make Chances in the Visaro Pro… [read the rest]