New Balance® Visaro Soccer Cleats

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Built for Comfort & Performance

At, you’ll find the full line of New Balance soccer cleats, including the Visaro silo. The latest Visaro 3.0 cleats, like all soccer boots, are made to give you excellent traction on the pitch. Of course, the Visaro 3.0 and the Visaro 2.0 are engineered to do so much more. The Fresh Foam footbed provides incredible comfort. Along with a breathable mesh upper, this helps to reduce fatigue, even as the game drags into overtime. Biomechanical stud placement and a medial pivot zone will allow you to accelerate with power, stop quickly, and turn on a dime.

There’s a reason you’ll see professional players, including stars like Aaron Ramsey and Samir Nasr, sporting Visaro cleats. Suit up like a pro, and notice the difference on game day.

Superior Ball Feel

Visaro cleats are also designed to give you a natural, responsive feel when dribbling, passing, and shooting. The breathable Ariaprene mesh upper will help improve control while ball-handling. When you line up a shot on goal, you want a consistent striking surface that will allow for pinpoint accuracy. These boots feature a debossed sweet spot that’s ideal for striking the ball.

While it takes countless hours of conditioning and practice, smart coaching, and coordinated teamwork to achieve victory, the right soccer shoes can definitely help.

Fast Shipping & Free Returns

When you shop for cleats at, you’ll have access to the best New Balance designs on the market. This includes the Visaro silo, as well as the Tekela and the Furon. Fast shipping and easy returns make it simple to try on a style before you commit. Wear them around the house, and if they don’t seem ideal, return them within 90 days. We can ship you another design as soon as we get them back, provided they are in sellable condition. Try a new silo at, you might be blown away.