adidas Core 15 Sweat Pant – Heather Grey

Part # S22342 by adidas

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adidas Core 15 Sweat Pant - Heather Grey

adidas Core 15 Sweatpants
adidas Core 15 Sweatpants
The adidas Core 15 Sweatpants have everything you need. You can be ready for every situation while rocking them; from a trip out into the cold weather or a simple trip to the couch to watch movies. You should get a pair right now because we all know a pair of grey sweatpants are a must for every guy's wardrobe!

These sweatpants are extremely comfortable, will keep you warm and have great features like the side pockets and elastic cuffs for your convenience. If you don't have a pair of nice comfortable sweatpants you are really missing out. Add these awesome sweatpants to your closet. Order now!

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Side pockets

Elastic cuffs

70% cotton and 30% polyester fleece 

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