adidas Eindhoven WUCL League Soccer Ball – 2023

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adidas 2023 WUCL Eindhoven League Soccer Ball

From 64 to 16, the Women’s Champions League Final rounds are finally here! This adidas soccer ball features the same iconic and exciting design as the official match ball of the tournament. The design is inspired by the host city of Eindhoven and its iconic and unique culture. Throughout the ball we see symbols that represent the nightlife, soccer, festivals, and more that represent the illustrious dutch city. The multicolor design is not only unique but as powerful as the players that are going to hit the pitch in the final rounds.

Upping your game and becoming a soccer superstar starts with the most up-to-date and powerful soccer ball in the game. Throughout the ball sits a seamless TSBE construction that allows for truer and more precise flight pattern in even the toughest moments of the match. A TPU cover works to give you enhanced grip and control on the ball so you can play the game with more control and stability than ever before. An interior rubber bladder helps the ball retain air and maintain its shape so you can play without an hesitations. This FIFA certified ball is perfectly crafted and designed to bring you and your game to the next level.


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