adidas Ghost Pro Shinguards – Blue/Shock Pink

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adidas Ghost Pro Shinguard

adidas Ghost Pro Shinguard
Being fearless is an important quality to have on the pitch. One way to help you gain this quality is to have a solid pair of guards. The adidas Ghost Pro Shinguard are some of the most reliable guards on the market and you cannot beat the value of these shinguards. You will love the comfort, the protection, and the lightweight material of these guards!
The separated front plate of these guards will ensure that you have a perfect fit for enhanced comfort. The blue and shock pink coloring of these guards look fantastic with the classic adidas look of these guards. The EVA backing on the inside of the guards is remarkably comfortable and durable. So don't wait to get protected on the pitch. Order your pair today!
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Separated Front Plate: Ensuring perfect fit and comfort


Compression Sleeve: Provides the feeling that you’re not even wearing a guard


EVA Backing: For high comfort and durable cushioning


95% polypropylene / 5% thermoplastic gum, injection molded

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