adidas MLS Nativo 19 Competition Match Soccer Ball

Part # DN8700 by adidas

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MLS NFHS Competition Ball

Pull back the layers behind the domination of adidas in the world of soccer, and you'll get to see a drive and motivation for excellence. This is pretty much a science at this point. The greatest thing adidas has done for US Soccer is translating this brilliance from themselves onto the MLS. Slowly but surely, the league has become one of the most dominant leagues in the region, and it's showing that world dominance isn't as far off as many once thought. The best reward of course is that the US national teams all gain from this growth. Growth can be seen in performance of teams and in the quality of apparel and gear.

Dominate the field with this standout soccer ball. It has a thermally bonded, seamless surface for a more predictable trajectory, a better touch and reduced water uptake. On the cover, a bold graphic takes design cues from Major League Soccer's Official Game Ball. A FIFA stamp confirms its quality.

This ball is superb quality, it is going to help you embrace training and matches. Buy the adidas MLS Competition Match Ball from SoccerPro!

100% TPU cover
Butyl bladder
Thermally bonded seamless surface for a more predictable trajectory
FIFA Quality Pro certified
Game ball


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