Kids adidas Nemeziz 18.1 FG – Ash Silver

Part # DB2349 by adidas

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adidas Kids Nemeziz 18.1 FG - Spectral Mode pack

Every week we see kids come into our store or hit us up on social media or on our website who want to be Leo Messi. Messi wears the adidas Nemeziz cleats and so when kids talk to us, they want to know what shoes he wears and want to get in those cleats too. The Nemeziz is of course worn by numerous other players other than just the GOAT. It's a positive thing to want to be Messi and want to wear what he wears but what makes everything doubly special is the fact that these shoes are amazing and would be great even if Messi didn't wear them!

The adidas Kids Nemeziz 18.1 cleats are crafted for the creator, these firm ground soccer shoes have a unique bandage construction inspired by sports taping. Their elasticized bindings stretch in one direction, but lock out in the other. The result is a shoe that delivers compressive support and complete flexibility to make gamechanging moves. Buy these boots today from SoccerPro.

Agility Weave forefoot; Supportive Agility Bandage

Torsionframe outsole with Torsion Ribs

Dual lock collar for ankle stability


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