adidas X 18.1 FG – Solar Yellow/Black/White

Part # DB2251 by adidas

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X 18.1 FG - Solar Yellow

When it comes to soccer analysis, you'll often hear commentators talking about the X-factor. Its the one aspect an opponent can't plan for, and can potentially turn a match upside down. Sometimes it's a player who has a unique blend of skills. Other times, an athlete who's explosive speed defies preparation and tactics. When it comes time for unparalleled speed, there's only one shoe silo to turn towards. Slip your feet into the awesome Solar Yellow adidas X 18.1! When it comes to speed, soccer players know the adidas X soccer shoes is ahead of the pack! Ultralight with speed mesh construction. Ultra-fast with arrowhead-shaped studs. Ultra stylish in solar yellow and black. peep the tech specs if you want to see the laundry list of technology adidas has folded into these shoes! Just make sure you know one thing - these shoes are fast and will be gone even faster! Order your pair today!

Low-cut Clawcollar locks your foot into the shoe for gamechanging stability

Superthin Speedmesh upper delivers minimal feel for blink-quick speed and a superb, direct touch

Lightweight TPU outsole offers the best balance between high speed and traction

Arrowhead forefoot studs combined with round heel studs enable quick starts and stops on firm ground

Superthin Speedmesh upper with low-cut Clawcollar

Lightweight TPU outsole; Arrowhead forefoot studs combined with round heel studs


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