adidas X Speedportal.3 FG – Game Data Pack

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Game Data Pack X Speedportal.3 Firm Ground Cleats

Unlock the secret to speed in the all new X Speedportal from adidas. Fans of Rick and Morty, the cleats inspired by your favorite characters are finally here. An all new color way inspired by Rick's portal gun is a nod to both the beloved show and just how speedy these cleats are. Whether or not you're a fan of the show, the bold color way is eye catching and will show your opponents whose boss. The all new X Speedportal takes on a whole new meaning of speed with the inclusion of new and updated technology. An all new carbon fiber soleplate makes way for dynamic and speedy movements as it bounces you back from any position. Quick cuts and speedy movements are now easier than ever with a new soleplate design as well as additional forefoot studs. A textured upper made with recycled materials is perfect for control and dribbling at the fastest speeds the game has to offer. The mesh material and lace enclosure keep you locked in and ready for action in the game's toughest moments. Step into multidimensional speed today with the all new Speedportal from the infamous X Silo today!  

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