adidas X Tango 18+ TF – Team Mode

Part # DB2269 by adidas

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adidas X Tango 18+ TF - Solar Yellow

I can see the future. You may doubt me, but I assure you, my gift is real. But my visions are often... cloudy. For instance, I see your future! You appear to be scoring goals... and you're doing it by speeding past your opponents. It appears you're on grass but, wait, no the grass isn't real! It's turf! I see your feet too, it appears they're bolts of bright yellow lightning! Wait no, not lightning, your feet are actually wearing the adidas X Tango 18+ TF in Solar Yellow! I have spoken! The Prophecy must be fulfilled!

I'm now exhausted from using my powers, but I still have enough energy left in me to tell you the awesome features of these adidas Turf Soccer Shoes! The X is all about speed, and these shoes are no exception! Made with the lightest material adidas has to offer, and paired with their awesome cushioning material - adidas Boost - these shoes are some of the best around! Not to mention, this colorway is sure to make a statement! Order yours today!

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