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Mercurial Lite Superlock Shin Guards – Euphoria

Part # SP2163 809 by Nike

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Nike Mercurial Lite SuperLock Shin Guards

We urge you not to try to do too much when it comes to selecting your choice of Shin Guards for soccer. We’re here to throw out one that will meet every protection need you could possibly ever have when it comes to soccer. These guards you’re looking at go full bore when it comes to protection. They’re sharp and excellent and they are problem solvers, believe us!

These are shin guards that stay in place, firmly. Never be distracted by guards slipping around during a match. Security arrives in the Nike Mercurial Lite SuperLock Shin Guards. These guards have a carved-away foam backing that fine-tunes curvature thickness. SuperLock attaches the shells to your sock fibers — reducing layers as it secures grip.

These guards are a good sign for you. Buy them, you’ll love them!

Tech Spec

Durable shells bond to dense foam backing for impact diffusion.
Anatomical design contours the shins for targeted cushioning.
SuperLock attaches the guards’ K-Resin® shells to your sock fibers.
18% EVA


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