Nike Airlock Street X Soccer Ball – White/Bright Crimson/Black

Part # SC3972 100 by Nike

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Nike Airlock Street X Soccer Ball

Every single time we head out to play ball in the streets, we've got the Nike Airlock Street X Soccer Ball in our bags. Every. Single. Time. This is a ball that brings us joy every time. We pick this ball at the expense of other good balls because it has proven to be the best ball for the streets. It looks great, bounces true, and it's superb fun.

This street soccer ball stays inflated so that you stay ready. The Nike Airlock Street X Ball utilizes the same material as Nike Air-Sole units to retain its pressure. Inflate it, then forget about. When you're ready to play, it will be too. Show gusto and trust in this ball and it'll keep the grin on your face, buy it now.

Airlock bladder maintains air pressure and shape for the life of the ball.
Durable casing has great touch and durability for consistent play.
Stitching is hidden and reinforced for durability.
Spray paint graphics are inspired by the street game.
12-panel design
21% EVA


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