Nike Flight Premium Match Soccer Ball – White & Bright Crimson with Black

Part # DC1496 100 by Nike

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Premium Match Flight Soccer Ball

Pop quiz! What has undergone 8 years and 1700 hours of testing and now provides 30% more truer flight pattern than it's predecessor?! If you guessed the Flight Premium Nike Match Ball then you would be correct (and a great guesser). The latest version of Nike's match ball has all the technological advancements your heart can desire. Aerowsculpt technology combines with a raised 3-D ink to create a grooved covering aimed to distribute airflow more evenly, while a white, black, and red pattern covers a unique panel pattern. That's right! Each panel looks completely different from the one next to it! Combining a sleek new look with the most advanced technology is nothing new for Nike, and this ball is no different. Soar to new heights with the Flight Premium Match Ball from SoccerPro!

Nike Flight
Soccer Ball
Honed over 8 years and 1,700 hours of testing, the Nike Flight Soccer Ball is a revolution in consistent flight. Molded grooves and a grippy texture reduce unexpected movement through the air, so you can put the ball exactly where you want it.

Truer Flight
Nike Aerowsculpt technology uses molded grooves to disrupt airflow across the ball for less drag and more stable flight. The revolution in aerodynamics results in 30% truer flight compared to Nike’s Merlin ball.
Weather-Ready Touch
All Conditions Control (ACC) technology adds a grippy texture so you get a consistent touch in wet or dry conditions.
Micro Tuned
3D-printed ink overlay fine tunes ball flight so you hit your target shot after shot, pass after pass.

More Details

  • 37% synthetic leather/33% rubber/20% polyester/10% cotton
  • Imported

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