Nike GF NM Venom Short – Red

Part # 607630 682 by Nike

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Nike Venom Shorts - Red

These Nike Venom Shorts - Red are a hot commodity around our warehouse because all of our employees are asking the boss if they take these shorts home to wear. They look really sweet! If you're anything like us, you will understand the obsession over them!

The design on these Nike Soccer Shorts feature a multi-stripe design with red and white stripes. There is a blanket yam dye which is not usual with most other soccer shorts. As well, there is the Nike symbol with a swoosh screen print application at the left left across the seam. There is a pocket on the back of the shorts for storage of whatever you find necessary. 100% cotton material.

Grab these shorts for everyday use and extreme comfort. If you are looking to buy these you know there are hundreds of others thinking the same thing. So grab them today at!


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