Nike Mercurial Touch Elite Goalkeeper Gloves – Pure Platinum/Light Crimson

Part # GS0356 043 by Nike

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Nike Mercurial Touch Elite Goalkeeper Gloves - Pure Platinum

How do goalies work? How do they continue to excel in the face of brutal battering from attackers? How do they stay so crazy day in, day out? Well it's because they follow the four cardinal rules of goalkeeping. #1, Always stand out #2, Be mad but have a method to your madness #3, Be brave #4, Be unique and always be on top of the game with the best best #4 is a big deal and it's why gear like this beautiful platinum and crimson Nike Mercurial Touch Elite Keeper Gloves are an art in following goalie rules. Fit, touch, natural motion, all woven into the creation of this Nike Goalkeeper Mercurial Touch Unisex Football Gloves feature ACC foam for shot absorption and enhanced grip in all conditions. Its reverse-stitched gusset wraps around the hand for a natural fit. The problem with all the goal keeper gloves out there is they don't fit naturally. Some are too bulky, some too rigid, too many straps. There are any number of things that prevent a keeper from getting the perfect fit, but not anymore. Buy the finest Nike Goalie Gloves, get them now!  

ACC technology optimizes control in both wet and dry conditions.

Perforated foam mesh provides an enhanced fit.

Reverse-stitching on gusset creates a one-to-one feel.






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