Nike Mercurial Touch Victory Goalkeeper Gloves – Euphoria

Part # GS3378 100 by Nike

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Nike Goalkeeper Mercurial Touch Victory Soccer Gloves

When you're tired of subpar Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves and you're ready to step into the future, go to the checkout button of this page. When you've wanted something excellent for so long and have never got the chance to get it, but it's here right now, hit the checkout page. When your anticipation never is fulfilled but you want that one more chance and you finally get it, this is it...hit the checkout page goalies. This glove is your dream come to life!

Great touch and flexible feel are the hallmarks of these gloves. The Nike Goalkeeper Mercurial Touch Victory Soccer Gloves feature premium foam that cushions while giving you great grip and touch. Stretchy neoprene and reversed stitching creates a snug fit and feel.

These gloves are all sorts of awesome. Buy them right now from SoccerPro. See what it means to wear dreams every game!

Soft latex foam on the palms offers great grip and touch.

Neoprene on back of hands stretches so you can move naturally.

Reversed stitching creates a second-skin fit.

Elastic wristband

Materials: 41% latex/38% neoprene/17% polyester/4% nylon

Spot clean


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