Nike Premier League Seitiro Official Match Soccer Ball – White & Blue

Part # CW0284 100 by Nike

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Premier League Seitiro
Soccer Ball
The Premier League Seitiro Soccer Ball celebrates the 20th anniversary of Nike sponsoring the top flight of English soccer. Today, the iconic ball makes its return by providing the same feel and touch experienced by the pros during the electric 2011/12 season.

Rooted in History
In one of the most exciting finishes in Premier League history, the Seitiro found itself at the center of the competition, which ended with a title-clinching goal during the 94th minute of the final match.
Eye-Catching Technology
Rapid Decision and Response (RaDaR) technology adds high-visibility graphics so you can see the ball better while making split-second scoring and passing decisions.
Tuned for Touch
A 5-layer micro-textured casing gives you consistent touch and feel.
Pinpoint Precision
A 360-degree sweet spot distributes pressure evenly across panels for better dribbling, passing and shooting.
Hand-sewn construction means tighter seams for durability.
Carbon-latex bladder maintains air pressure more consistently than traditional rubber bladders.

More Details

  • FIFA-approved specifications
  • 60% rubber/15% polyurethane/13% polyester/12% EVA
  • Imported

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