Nike Strike Soccer Ball – Pure Platinum/Wolf Grey/White

Part # SC3310 043 by Nike

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Nike Strike Soccer Ball - Red/Grey

The Nike Strike Soccer Ball is really good. Everything you've heard about what a fun soccer ball should be is encompassed in this ball. You look at the way it is designed, and mix that with the way it plays when you get it, and you'll see that this may be your most fun soccer ball ever! Take this from us, the Strike has lots of brilliant qualities that bring out a good time. Your pocket will also be happy about the price. Of course, this isn't a match ball and doesn't play like one but it's a great ball for youngsters or anyone trying to have a good time.

The Nike Strike Football is a durable design with 12 panels for true and accurate ball flight, bringing exceptional performance to the pitch. Buy this ball and other Soccer Balls from SoccerPro always!

12-panel design provides accurate ball flight.

Textured casing offers great touch and feel.

Reinforced rubber bladder enhances air and shape retention.

Nike Aerowtrac grooves help stabilize the ball flight.

High-contrast graphics for easy ball tracking.




12% EVA


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