PUMA evoPOWER Vigor 3.3 Tournament Match Soccer Ball – White/Green Gecko

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Puma evoPOWER Vigor 3.3 Match Ball - White and Green Gecko

Puma evoPOWER Vigor 3.3 Match Ball
Puma have been releasing incredible products for a long time now and it doesn't seem like they are going to stop any time soon. This time they bring all the magic and power from the evoPOWER cleats into an amazing soccer ball. The Puma evoPOWER Vigor 3.3 Match Soccer Ball is top notch and you should definitely get it. It has everything that you could want in a soccer ball; from style to durability, it has it all! You know what the best part is? You get all of this awesomeness for an affordable price!

The unique design of this ball is already an attention grabber and combined with the fantastic white and green gecko colorway, it makes this ball a real gem! You will also love the performance of this ball as it is made with the best materials and it passed FIFA's inspection to be classified as a top-level performance ball. Its air retention ability and durability are on a league of their own. Its your turn to test out this incredible soccer ball. Go ahead and order yours now!

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High quality match ball for all conditions, FIFA®  INSPECTED for top-level performance 

32 panel PU construction with TPE foam backing 

Stress-free dimple technology to improve flight characteristics and increase shooting speed 

High quality rubber bladder and PUMA Air Lock (PAL) valve for excellent air retention 

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