PUMA Future Ultimate FG – Tricks

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Tricks Pack PUMA Future Ultimate Firm Ground Cleats

Unleash your inner superstar skills with these PUMA Future Ultimate Soccer Cleats from the Tricks Pack! Soccer superstars far and wide are looking for the boots that are destined to make their skill stand out and take center stage. These boots from the Tricks Pack offer a look that is not only undeniable ,but incredibly unique. Each boot features a different base color and detailing giving you a tricky style to your game. The left boot features a Ravish Pink base that lets the fast Yellow Details stand out in a totally unique and undeniable way. The right boot take the Fast Yellow from the left and uses it as a base for the boot. Details sit in Black and Ravish for a style that pairs perfectly with your game this season. Have your opponents confuse your right from your left and unleash your craziest tricks this season when you lace up these sweet new boots from the Tricks Pack. Ready to let your skills shine? These PUMA soccer cleats have been reengineered to take all the best parts of your game to levels unlike ever before. New technology from the upper to the soleplate offers a comfortable yet still ultra powerful feeling every time you step into the boots this season. The upper features a new system of highly engineered materials and updated technologies like PWRTAPE that works hard to lock your foot down into boot for the adaptive and stable fit yet. An asymmetrical collar design supports a more natural fit and design that uses FUZIONFIT360, a high-tech knit compression system that uses an adaptive tongue for enhanced comfort and flexibility even in the toughest moments of the season. Highly engineered grip zones on the upper have been placed in three strategic strike zones to enhance your touch, control, and most importantly skill on the ball. The outsole of the boots is designed with a Dual Density Dynamic Motion System that uses a mix of stiffness in the heel for stability and high flexibility in the forefoot to take the best parts of your game up a notch!

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