Puma Future Ultimate Grip 1 Negative Cut Goalkeeper Gloves – Supercharge Pack

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Supercharge Pack PUMA Future Ultimate Grip 1 Negative Cut Goalkeeper Gloves

It's time to supercharge your game this season with a pair of high powered PUMA Goalkeeper gloves! Perfected to give you confidence, style, and more power than ever before these PUMA Future Ultimate Grip 1 gloves are the perfect way to send your squad to the ship this season. These gloves feature a Ultra Orange base that gives you a totally undeniable look that will have your opponents shaking in their boots when you hit the pitch. Pairing with the high powered Ultra Orange is Blue Glimmer that compliments the base and your game to give you unrivaled style and confidence all season long. Topping off the look of the gloves is a speckled black graphic on the palms, sending a message to every player out on the pitch. Ready to become your squad's superhero? These goalkeeper gloves from PUMA take every part of your game to a new level that only the biggest goalkeeping superstars can say they've unlocked. Offering you freedom of movement and great grip, you'll be a complete menace between the posts all season long. The palm of the gloves feature a 4mm professional latex that ensures you have grip and control in any and all weather conditions. The backhand of the gloves features a knit fabric that pairs with a silicon punching zone that has been battle tested by the best goalkeepers in the game. Featuring a negative cut, these gloves offer you a snug fit that keeps you comfortable and ready for any action this season. A full latex strap uses an elastic inner cuff and zip enclosure to lock your hands in the gloves and keep you secure all season long!

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