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We carry a wide variety of premium soccer balls and match training balls from brands like Nike, adidas, Puma, Brine, Select, Diadora and more. Use these as soccer game balls or simply to practice like the pros. Are you a high school coach looking for the NFHS Approved soccer ball (aka. the official high school soccer balls)? SoccerPro has got you covered! Check out our different price categories and find a soccer ball that matches your pocket and need!

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Great for all ages. Used for foot skill drills, handball or other games. This ball is generally half the size of a size 3 ball.

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Nike EPL Saber Review
The Nike Saber is the first takedown model in the Nike soccer ball line with the Ordem II being the top tier ball. The Saber offers incredible durability for a ball and one that will be used for a long time to come. The panels of the ball are fused together to make sure your ball will not tear or give out on you. The Saber is mainly white and will get dirty but the performance will not be affected. The Saber does not feature the micro-texturing found on the upper on the top level Ordem II. The ball has a smooth surface that is great for training balls; pick-up games, free kicks, etc. The Saber has the EPL official logo in gold on it to add some flair to the ball and it looks really cool in person. The performance is incredible and has been put to the test to prove that the Saber will be in your ball bag for seasons to come. The Saber features a thermally bonded, tight seam construction, so that panels align more consistently and prevent the damaging effects of moisture saturation over time.
Essentially, what you are getting with the Nike Saber is a long lasting, great performing soccer ball… [read the full article!]