2022 Kids Nike Brazil Home Jersey

Part # DN0824 740-1 by Nike


Kids 2022 Brazil Home Jersey

Channel the power of the amazonian jaguar in this Brazil soccer jersey! Looking to bring home yet another tournament title, Brazil will need all of your support  and this sleek new jersey is the perfect way to do that. The 2022 Brazil home jersey offers you that classic look with a Modern twist. If you know anything about the Brazilian national team, you know that they are known for rocking that bold yellow jersey at home. This year's jersey is home to that bold yellow jersey but now features a pattern inspired the amazonian jaguar. On top of the sweet new pattern, the collar and sleeves of the jersey are completed with green spark and paramount blue details that pay homage to the Brazilian flag. Five green spark stars sit above the crest, representing the many titles that Brazil have taken home in the modern era. Wanting to gear up and look like Neymar Jr. this tournament? Get your hands on the jersey that not only looks sweet but will make you feel like you're on the field in Qatar with your favorite players. This jersey is designed with a 100% recycled polyester material that is super lightweight yet durable so you can rock this jersey at school or on your couch. Nike's signature Dri-FIT technology sits in the jersey to move sweat away from your body and keep you cool during even the toughest moments of the match. This youth jersey makes sure you have the most legendary fit while you are growing into the most legendary fan. Now that you have the perfect jersey, top off the fit with our selection of youth soccer apparel today!

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