adidas MLS Nativo 19 Top Training Soccer Ball

Part # DN8697 by adidas

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MLS NFHS Top Training Ball

You should have an adidas Soccer Ball with you everywhere you go. It's the way to become a proper star soccer player. No one makes soccer balls that are as awesome as adidas. Take a look at the official balls of most international tournaments, they're all adidas made. Take a look at the MLS balls, all adidas. It's no mistake friends, these balls are as true to greatness and coolness as anything ever. We're even beginning to suspect they may utilize alien technology in their manufacturing cos they're straight up out of this world!

Perfect your skills with this standout soccer ball. Seamless for high-quality performance, it has a textured surface that enhances its flight and touch. On the cover, a bold graphic takes design cues from Major League Soccer's Official Game Ball. A FIFA stamp confirms its quality. Get the adidas MLS Nativo 19 NFHS Top Training Soccer Ball here today!

100% TPU cover
Butyl bladder
Laminated surface
TSBE technology for a seamless surface with better touch and lower water uptake
FIFA Quality certified


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