adidas Predator Pro Negative Cut Goalkeeper Gloves – Shadowbeast Pack

Part # FN1485 by adidas

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Make the save that secures victory for your team with Shadowbeast Pack adidas® Predator Pro Negative Cut Goalkeeper gloves from For keepers, great gloves make a difference. Predator Pro all-black gloves will help improve grip when you’re diving for the ball. Padding helps to absorb the impact of a hot shot from that all-star striker. The negative cut design offers an ultra-tight, second-skin fit, making these gloves highly responsive. A knit backhand with mesh gussets increases breathability, keeping you comfortable on scorching hot days, and adidas Demonskin texturing will help you control your throws. The black Shadowbeast Pack design is sure to intimidate your opponents. If you’re looking to take your goalkeeper game to the next level, check out Predator Pro gloves from adidas. In addition to the Shadowbeast Pack, offers more goalie gloves from top brands. Match your new gloves with a pair of adidas Predator Mutator cleats, and take the pitch like a champ.

● URG 2.0 Latex Group
● Negative Cut Fit
● Demonskin
● Knit Backhand / Mesh Gussets


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