Nike Hyperstrong Match Shinguards – White/Black

Part # SE0177 100 by Nike

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Nike Hyperstrong Match Shinguard

Nike Hyperstrong Match Shinguard
A good pair of guards can be the difference in a serious injury and a bruise. Many of us overlook the importance of shinguards but the Nike Hyperstrong Match Shinguards may be the most important purchase you make in your soccer career. These guards will keep you protected but they take things to the next level by providing you with a comfortable and snug fit.

From top to bottom these may be some of the best shinguards on the market. They have a sharp design that will have you looking like a pro. They have unrivaled comfort to keep you in your zone on the pitch. They have incredible durability to offer your protection for years to come. These guards are a must buy for any physical player. These guards even protect the lower leg that is not covered by the shinguards to provide even more protection. So go ahead and order your pair today!

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Protects lower leg not covered by shin guards for enhanced protection

Top and bottom elastic bands for a snug, comfortable fit

Silicone grip inside bottom band helps lock sleeve in place

Low-profile construction minimizes distractions

Left/right specific for a natural fit

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