Nike Strike Soccer Ball – Premier League – White/Crimson

Part # SC3148 100 by Nike

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Nike Strike Soccer Ball - Premier League - White & Crimson

Its tantalizing to imagine playing in the English Premier League. Hearing the roar of the crowd, the cheers after a goal, and the team songs echoing through the stadium is a dream for many. It takes years to get there, and only if you're one of the most talented players in the world. If you have to start somewhere, you might as well start with the EPL Nike Strike Soccer Ball
This ball perfectly resembles the one that will grace the pitch in the Premier League this season, down to the crest at the center of the ball. Featuring a 12 panel design, this ball flies true and accurate when you send it on goal. A textured TPU outer not only provides great touch and durability, but provides a durability that is second to none. You may not have the opportunity to play in the Premier League, but you do have the chance to get this class ball! Order today!
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Visual Power Graphic helps you see the ball faster and react quickly.

Textured casing offers superior touch.

Nike Aerowtrac grooves for accurate flight right off the foot.

12-panel design for true and accurate ball flight.

Textured TPU casing provides optimal touch and feel on the foot.

Machine stitching helps enhance durability and touch for long-lasting performance.

Restricted butyl bladder enhances air and shape retention.

Premier League crest at the center of the ball.




12% EVA


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